{Gardening} Plans for 2015


It’s been a very long winter. We’re suffered through the coldest February on record. We’ve survived 119 inches of snow thus far (more than Buffalo and Rochester). Oh, plus it’s nearly Mid-April, and until this week, we still had snow in parts of our yard. Grrr! On a happier note, my crocuses are blooming and they’ve multiplied since last year.

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Garden Dreaming…


The backyard is still covered in a glassy layer of snow, but the crocuses and tulips have started to pop out from the cold earth. Winter still has a firm grip on upstate New York despite the fact that the first official day of spring has come and gone. I’m hoping winter releases us soon, because I am ready for warmth and color. More specifically, I’m ready to plant my new veggie garden.  Once the snow has melted, I will tend to the dirt and prepare it for planting. Depending on the weather, I will be able to direct sow some things in April. Hopefully.

Last year, my garden consisted of jalapenos, green and red bell peppers, carrots, peas, cauliflower and a variety of herbs. This year I plan to utilize my second garden more and move my sunflowers to the front yard. Between these items, my CSA farm share, and pickings from the fruit farm next door, I will have PLENTY fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of which will be organic.

C’mon spring!!!

Garden 1:

Green beans (1st time!)


Bell Peppers


Garden 2:



Thai Basil



Chives (1st time!)

And something else? Maybe zucchini?

To Be Built Tomato Area:


Beefsteak or Roma

Lafayette Home & Garden Tour Highlights

This morning our little family of three headed downtown to check out the 40th Annual Lafayette Square Spring House and Garden Tour. Lafayette Square is an adorable historic area with fun restaurants and bars (my favorite is the Chocolate Bar where they serve a variety of dessert style martinis and beers. Yes, beers.) and an array of colorful Victorian style town homes and mansions. I’ve always wanted to check out this yearly event so this year, I marked it on my calendar and made sure to go! We got there right after 10am, the opening time, and secured a front row parking spot… amazing luck Nick has. Then the ticket guy gave me a free ticket (by mistake not sure… or maybe I batted my eyelashes. hehe) so Nick actually came along too. Originally Nick and Xander were going to check out the park and maybe take a horse and carriage ride. So, with a free $18 dollar ticket in hand, Nick and Xander accompanied me inside a few of the homes on the walking tour.

Lafayette homes are extremely colorful… especially the exterior trims and doors. Many of the homes were built in the 1800s and boast originial features. I especially liked the random ‘oddities’ like bizarre walkways or strange stone shapes on stairways or on the sides of the houses. Overall I was disappointed in the gardens but a couple were inspiring.  Most of the homes were decorated with antiques, which isn’t my style, but it was interesting to look at. My favorite interiors were the those of the historically restored homes. I loved seeing originial lighting, stained glass, flooring, and ceiling woodwork. To view all my photos, click HERE.

For those of you in the St. Louis area:

Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 on tour weekend, and may be purchased by calling 314 772-5724 using Visa or Mastercard or by using the “Buy Now” button at the right.  Group Sales of 20 or more are $12.  Children under 12 accompanied by an adult are free.

fun wall planter

fun wall planter

stunning stained glass & banister

stunning stained glass & banister

Lafayette Square Home

Lafayette Square Home



another oddity

another oddity