Spring Awakening?

It’s April 28th (I moved away from St. Louis one year ago today) and it’s finally sunny and warm in this arctic part of the country. In celebration of the nice weather, some of my tulips finally opened up! Is spring actually here to stay??


Snow Day!

Xander & Kali loved playing in the snow together

That big snowball hit my camera! I wasn't too happy bout it.

Doggy tracks

Comparing tracks!

Xander loved the white stuff! Good thing cuz its just the beginning of winter!

{Photo of the Day} Washing dishes at Sunset

One thing I am going to miss about our house is the view. We have an amazing view from the back of the house and in the winter, when all the trees are bare, the view is even better! Our kitchen sink is below a large blind/shade-free window that faces west so I get to watch the sunset every evening as the sun sets. It makes washing dishes somewhat enjoyable. Until we move, I plan to photograph as many setting skies as possible! They’re just too beautiful to forget!

sunset from Feb 24, 2010

Xander washing dishes at sunset (okaaay, he's actually 'playing' with the water)

Photo of the Day

Today Xander bowled 3 games with Daddy. It was a good day! What’s even better is that we’re packing our bags and heading South in search of warmer weather later this week! Looking forward to catching up with family and friends! 🙂

Photo of the Day

We got a couple inches of snow last night! Unfortunately, it’s 9 degrees outside! So it looks like Kali will be the only one enjoying the white stuff today! Tonight the wind chill here is expected to dip in the -20s!! Gosh, I thought this was Missouri, not New Hampshire! PS: I took this photo from inside while Kali was outside… hehe, I won’t bare the elements for the sake of a photo!

Kali is a snow bunny!

Photo of the Day

After I stamped all my Christmas cards with the letter “M” on the back, I carelessly placed the stamper within reach of a little 2 year old. Behind my back, he stamped his mouth. The little stinker!! Hehe!

Xander had the look of fear in his eyes when I discovered him! 🙂