My Aunt’s new Internet radio show

My lovely Aunt Kim begins her Internet Talk Radio show this Monday evening at 9pm Eastern; it’s called Kimberly in Cleveland. Each show will have a topic and listeners are encouraged to call-in. Click on the link below for details, including the number to call-in. Good Luck, Aunt Kim!!

From the Sedona Talk Radio website:

About Her Show

Kimberly in Cleveland

Feeling battered by the incessant chatter of “talking heads” heralding news of doom and gloom? Had your fill of the relentless litany of woe, negativity and fear-based programming that dominates radio and television?  Well, choose something better, my friend! Tune-in to a start-of-the-week infusion of thought provoking fun and “positivity “!!  Join Kimberly in Cleveland as we shine a light on that which is progressive, inventive, nurturing and insightful.  Pro-green, pro-health, pro-empowerment, pro-peace, pro-spirituality, Kimberly in Cleveland is an informative, solution-oriented program that invites discussion between inquiring minds and open hearts (uhmmm…. that means you!!)

So kick-back, tune-in, listen-up and share your personal pearls of wisdom with the world!  Somebody needs to hear exactly what you have to share!

About Kimberly

kimberlynunn_100w.jpgBorn and raised in the “great state of Ohio”, Kimberly left her friends and family at the age of seventeen to venture forth and explore the “big wide world”.  Nearly thirty-four years later, she has returned to the Cleveland area with a suitcase full of incredible experiences and a contagious excitement for our collective future.

Keenly aware of “other dimensions” since childhood, Kimberly describes herself as a natural empath and intuitive.  In the early 1970’s she began training as a facilitator for Maharishi International University (Transcendental Meditation Program), later becoming one of their youngest active instructors.  It was through regular meditation and exposure to eastern philosophy that Kimberly was able to form a frame of reference for her “unusual experiences” and became firmly anchored in an appreciative awareness of that which she calls “the Divine.”

Drawn to the healing arts, Kimberly earned a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and was later certified as a Manual Orthopedic Specialist, incorporating her skills in several venues of alternative healing. In more recent years her studies have focused upon ancient mystery school information, with a specific emphasis upon application of Sacred Geometry and Acoustic Energetics.

Kimberly is an ordained interfaith minister and maintains active involvement and study through the Monroe Institute, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Vesica Spirit and Science Resources, the American Tarot Association and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  A gifted speaker and workshop presenter, Kimberly addresses a variety of health related and metaphysical topics.

“Learning and sharing … with a big dose of caring. That’s what it’s all about !”

Upcoming Shows

Monday January 19th, 6:00 PM PST –  Setting the Stage for 2009

“What a Wonderful World”
Call-in Topic: What is the most awe inspiring life experience you have had to date ? … Share the “wonder”!!