Christmas Cards are DONE!

<sigh of relief> The Christmas cards have been mailed. I’m DONE signing my name, licking envelopes, and attaching address labels. I don’t know how many cards in total we did this year but it’s over 100. Over half of the cards are for family and friends and the others are for Budweiser people. If you don’t get a card, no hard feelings! I can’t even imagine sending a card out to everyone we know. I’d be licking envelopes for MONTHS! 🙂 This year I handmade cards for family and friends and sent out store-bought cards (with a picture of Xander) for work friends/associates. I had some ‘glue issues’ with the hand made ones, so I apologize if you were a recipient of the bad glue cards. Note: DON’T use clear glue pens with photos. At least not the Elmer glue variety. The handmade cards were built from Hobby Lobby products (creme cardstock cards, La Creme mats for the photos, and black & teal envelopes). The photo of Xander was taken with my lovely Canon Rebel (which I LOVE) and enhanced in Photoshop CS4. I added the lens correction filter to the photo to create the vignette. I created the wording for the inside of the card in Photoshop, too, using the following fonts: Outlaw, Mailrat Rubberstamp, Scriptina, Century Gothic, and Enchanted Prairie Dog. All available on for free. Hope everyone has their cards done and in the mail too. I must admit I love receiving cards but hate the work that goes into sending my own. I might be sending E-cards next year!

Let there be peace on earth!

Nearly done glueing, stamping, and licking!