About Leigh

About Me: Daughter, sister, mother, reader, writer, blogger, traveler, wanderer, dreamer, thinker, photographer, teacher who works in the Fingerlakes region of central NY.  Loves the warmth of summer evenings, beauty of sunrises and sunsets, mountain air, my son’s laughter, growing vegetables, cooking with whole foods, the thrill of traveling someplace new, poetry, making a difference in the lives of the today’s youth, and of course, writing.





2 thoughts on “About Leigh

  1. Hi Leigh,
    I saw your post on the labor board of babycenter.com and thought I’d check out your website. You and Nick sound so much like me and my husband, especially with your reasons for deciding to take the plunge and get pregnant. I’m due March 22nd with my first, also a boy. We live in Tampa, Florida. I totally agree with your top ten things you miss about your pre-pregnant life– for me I’d just put Chianti at the top of the list rather than apple martinis. Oh yeah, and I’d really like to stop belching too! Good luck with Xander, I hope your labor and delivery go smoothly!

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