{Gardening} Plans for 2015


It’s been a very long winter. We’re suffered through the coldest February on record. We’ve survived 119 inches of snow thus far (more than Buffalo and Rochester). Oh, plus it’s nearly Mid-April, and until this week, we still had snow in parts of our yard. Grrr! On a happier note, my crocuses are blooming and they’ve multiplied since last year.


And now it’s time to start prepping my garden for 2015. I need to clear out any remaining plants/weeds, work the soil, add compost. In my second bed (pictured with the pots), I will need to spend some extra time since last year I found the dirt to be more clay-like and prone to weeds. When the weather warms, I’ll work on my pots (for the various hybrids I grow) and Topsy Turvy planters (tomatoes).  I wish I could get some more plants from Cornell University! A couple years ago they gave me the BEST peppers plants. They produced bell peppers like rock stars.

BTW, I consider gardening an art rather than a science, so let’s hope it continues to play in my favor. If I can convince Nick, I will add a third bed this spring. I’m confident I can since I am not investing in the CSA program this year. #crossingfingers


WHAT I WILL BE GROWING FROM SEED: Cauliflower, beans, butternut squash, delicata squash, zucchini, spinach, and two varieties of carrots. I will also plant sunflowers and chamomile. They are almost all repeats from previous years. Almost all seeds are organic.

WHAT I WILL BE BUYING AS A PLANT FROM MY FAVORITE GARDEN STORE: Green bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, long spicy peppers, tomatoes (grape, roma, and cherry), and herbs (basil and cilantro).

WHAT’S ALREADY GROWING: Garlic, leeks, and chives.

PERENNIALS NOT YET GROWING (hoping the winter didn’t destroy them): Lavender, oregano, and thyme.

DREAM-LIST: To start composting and …. chickens???? Ha, the chickens may actually be Xander’s dream. The farm a mile down the road has plenty of chickens and eggs to make us both happy.


  • Create more garden space
  • Less crop waste
  • Buy less from Wegman’s (my grocery store)
  • Support local farms (meat, fruits, eggs, cheese)
  • Eat seasonally (can’t wait for rhubarb and strawberry season!!!)
  • Get Xander more involved, especially in the weeding and watering and cooking. #futurechef

I spy garlic. Looking forward to spring scapes!





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