Hurricane Iselle is a comin’

I grew up in Florida. I know a thing about hurricanes. The season lasts for half a year!

Rain and stormy weather is typical during the sticky hot summer months in Florida,  just as is tropical storms and hurricanes. Luckily, I lived in the central part of the state so we had some protection.

Floridians know to have water, batteries, and non perishable food on hand should the power go out. Often times, though, the outages are short lived and the damage is minimal. Typically our pool would be close to overflowing and our screen porch would be put to the test thanks to the high gusts of wind. One time school let us out early. I recall sitting in the half lit school hallway waiting for my mom to pick me up. We went to blockbuster on the way home to stock up on movies. However, it was sunny the rest of the day, and we went to school th next day like nothing had ever happened. Because it didn’t. No hurricane. After I got married, we built a house near Jacksonville Beach; the house came WITH metal storm shutters. Luckily, we never had to use them. Tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes have only ever been minor inconveniences due to wind and rain. I have never experienced anything severe. 

Some clouds are beginning to roll in.

Some clouds are beginning to roll in.

So here we are in Hawaii, sitting on our oceanfront balcony and anticipating Hurricane Iselle. We are not sure if this too will be a false alarm. It’s hitting the Big Island first as a Category 1 storm and then, churning over to Maui to visit us- hopefully as a mere tropical storm. The owners of the condo have called and given me instructions and tips; they were here during a tropical storm in 1983. I know to put the lanai furniture inside, to heed caution when walking outside in the open air hallways, and how to alleviate pressure in the condo if the winds get above a certain level. We have plenty of things to eat, a charged flashlight, a full tank of gas, and of course WINE and supplies for piña coladas. We may even fill the sink up with water. Most places closed by 3pm today, and everything will be closed tomorrow. Mama’s Fish House called to cancel my reservation. Bummer! Our building put a notice up saying the elevators would be shut down at 6:30pm. They aren’t messing around.

The Big Island will be hit the hardest. I’m crossing my fingers it comes out unscathed. We plan to head there this weekend. Maybe…



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