Very Hungry Caterpillars

This year marks the 3rd  time that we will “raise” butterflies. I started doing this because 1) Xander loves animals and bugs, 2) It’s educational, 3) I love butterflies, 4) The Very Hungry Caterpillar book is cool, and 5) I “raised” butterflies when I was a kid. So… yep, I love doing this just as much as Xander. If not more.

One of our butterflies in 2010

Every year we order our 5 caterpillars from The shipping via USPS is a bit steep for one little cup of caterpillars ($12!!!) so order more and split it shipping cost with a friend (that’s what I did).  The first year you will need to buy the pavilion to house the butterflies and those can be bought at Target or They come with a caterpillar coupon. In total, the caterpillar to butterfly process is fascinating and doesn’t take long: “watch them eat, grow, and after seven to ten days, form their chrysalides and begin their transformation into butterflies.” Xander and I love checking them every day and watching them grow. Each year it is very tough letting them go into the wild; Xander considers them “pets.” But imagine his excitement when the mail lady handed him a box this morning that had a big butterfly label on it.

Our cup of caterpillars

Three of our “pets”


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