Xander started Preschool today!

Xander had his first day of preschool today! He completed “My Early School” at the Saint Louis Magic House (a children museum) last school year. His new school is a full-fledged Tuesday/Thursday Preschool with sessions in the morning hours. The school is associated with a Methodist Church here in Baldwinsville and is a inclusion-preschool (which I love!). His teacher has a masters in education and uses sign language when she speaks. Xander was very excited about starting school today so as soon as he woke up he wanted to get dressed, grab his new Hot Wheels backpack, and jump in the car to meet his teachers and classmates. As soon as we arrived, he immediately made himself at home and began to explore his new classroom. The first day was a short day (only an hour) and I got to come with him. He had a great time and looks forward to coming back again soon! Below are some pictures from his first day.

Ready for his 1st day!

He loves his new backpack that he picked out with Daddy!

playing at school


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