the Great NY State Fair

Temps were in the 60s, windy, but overall a pretty day to hit up the Great NY State Fair in Syracuse. It’s a tradition here and the largest annual event in the state of NY. That means LOTS of people… so we arrived bright and early this morning to beat the crowds. And boy, did the crowds come! We received free tickets from Chevy but a hole was in Nick’s pocket by the time we left! Xander didn’t understand the word NO all morning but he did have an amazing time! Wish we had more enthusiasm for the crowds, but who does!, because the fair offered a ton of neat and bizarre attractions.

Carnie stuff... I would have paid to see!

The big ferris wheel

going down a big slide

trying to win a goldfish

Riding a motocycle ride

Going on a big slide with Daddy

feeding a hungry giraffe


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