Waterfall sightseeing

Today Xander and I packed a lunch and drove an hour to Chittenango Falls State Park near Cazenovia, New York. The small park is home to Chittenango Falls. The park website says “glacial sculpting over 400 million year-old bedrock is responsible for this scenic feature.” Anyway, the falls can be viewed from the top, from the middle and from the bottom via a trail that is very steep and mossy. It was 65 degrees and overcast/windy making it a bit chilly when the mist from the waterfall blew on our skin. The waterfall was powerful and quite loud which made it all the more enjoyable for my little 3 year old. However, I think the lunch I packed made him more excited! He got to eat chips and drink soda! Don’t worry I also had turkey sandwiches and grapes but they weren’t as popular! 🙂

View from the top! Xander thought the water looked dirty.

View of the falls from the middle platform

View from the bottom. We got sprayed with mist!

Time to make the steep climb back up!


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