Alright, so I did manage to bundle Xander up yesterday so he could experience snow for the first time this year. Let’s just say his snowpants were  12M, his boots a bit too big and his gloves weren’t waterproof. He cried and didn’t want to go outside. Neither did I. But I forced him and he loved it until his boots filled with snow and his face was beet red (about 4 minutes after we ventured into the nearly 0 F temperatures –factoring in wind chill). However, he did enjoy those 4 minutes. He thought it was a blast throwing snowballs up into the air 🙂 And I had fun snapping his photo with my new ‘nifty-fifty’ lens.

On another note, my little bro is in Thailand! He flew out the other day and will spend the next 6 months (or more) becoming a scuba god. He’s writing about his experience, so I recommend you head over to his neck of the Internet woods. His blog is located at


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