St. Louis Museum of Transportation

Xander has a love for all modes of transportation… airplanes, cars, and especially trains! So I thought it was high time we checked out the local Museum of Transportation. If you google Museum of Transportation, the St. Louis Museum will come up first. That’s because St. Louis has the BEST museums! Xander nearly burst with excitement when he saw all the huge trains. Despite the nearly freezing temperatures and gray sky, he skipped and hopped along pointing out all the trains on display outside. They have  a TON! A couple trains can be entered, too, which Xander loved. One train he called ‘the cave’ so he kept telling us: ‘I want the cave!’ Admission to the museum is $4 per person and includes admission to an indoor (less hands-on) car exhibit. It was a great way to spend an hour. Highlights below. All the photos can be viewed on Flickr:

Train Engine

Xander, the conductor!

the "silver charger"

inside the 'cave'

many of these historic trains were terribly rusted.


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