Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving! We sure did. I’m thankful for a wonderful husband, a joyful child, and plenty of love to go around.  On a side note, have you ever cooked a turkey or a chicken cloaked in cheesecloth? It’s kinda cool. And it helps browns the skin beautifully. Soak the cloth 15 mins in broth (or melted butter) then wrap the bird. Start the cooking process with the breast side down. Remove cheesecloth near the end of the cooking process and flip the bird. Allow the breast to brown and remove once the internal temperature has reached its safe temperature. The whole outside will be beautifully browned and crisp! To learn more about using cheesecloth (for a variety of projects), click here! Cheesecloth can be found at your grocery store in the kitchenware aisle.

my turkey wearing cheesecloth


beautifully browned. Yum!




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