{‘Follow Me to Tara’ Report} The Drapery Gown & the Georgian Terrace

Below is from my VL blog, ScarlettOHara.org. But I thought some of you might be interested in my recent trip…so here ya go! To view this post directly online, visit: http://wp.me/p7zAB-6c.


I’M BACK! I had an amazing time at the Re-Premiere weekend in Marietta, GA. I saw amazing things, met new friends, and came home with a suitcase full of memories. There was little time to ‘relax’ because each day was packed with events and activities. Now that I’m home, I will relive the weekend here on my website for you to enjoy. Hope you will enjoy reading, seeing, and listening to my experience at the 70th Anniversary of Gone with the Wind celebration.

~ Leigh Mills

Atlanta History Museum

I arrived by car in the bustling city of Atlanta on Thursday afternoon. First on the agenda was to visit the Atlanta History Museum in the Buckhead suburb. Buckhead is a gorgeous historic village flanked with tall trees, Spanish moss, and beautiful Georgian mansions. Tucked between these sprawling estates is the History Museum which features a temporary exhibit dedicated to Gone with the Wind. “Fashion and Costumes in Gone with the Wind” is on display until January 31, 2010 and spotlights 7 of Walter Plunkett’s costume sketches, a woman’s Rhett Butler coat, and one of the original green drapery gowns worn by Vivien Leigh. The exhibit is quite small (only 2 glass cases) and is located near the front desk. The ladies ushered me in for free since all I wanted to see was the GWTW exhibit. The green velveteen gown is in excellent condition and is a faded mossy color. Vivien Leigh’s waist is unbelievably small- a reported 22 inches! I definitely believe it! To read the info card displayed with the gown, click HERE!

The green Velveteen drapery gown Vivien Leigh wore to the jailhouse to visit Rhett Butler

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara. One of the two cases at the History Museum.
This case contained sketches of costumes for Aunt Pittypat, Melanie, Rhett

For my first night in Georgia I decided to stay at the Georgian Terrance Hotel, site of the 1939 press Reception honoring the Gone with the Wind stars. The hotel, built in 1911, is a historical landmark in Midtown Atlanta. The hotel is modernized but still retains some historic elements like its main ballroom with ornate chandeliers and large windows. The stars stayed in this hotel during the 3-day 1939 Gone with the Wind world premiere (thought Vivien Leigh reportedly stayed elsewhere so she and her lover Laurence Olivier wouldn’t cause a scandal. She (and he) was married to someone else at the time. We stayed in Room 508 and it was extremely modern–apparently the hotel was used as an apartment building in recent decades– with a full kitchen, large dressing room, and spacious bedroom. In case you were curious, Clark Gable had three rooms: 918, 919, and 920 when he stayed there. Ms. Olivia de Havilland had 2 rooms: 904 and 905. Laurence Olivier stayed (or did he?) in room 523. To see more photos and information about this hotel, see my previous post on the subject. The most unfortunate, if not annoying, thing is that Vivien Leigh’s name is misspelled everywhere… from the Historical Information located in the room, to the plaque on the wall, to the mirror near the coffee bar. They spelled it ViviAN Leigh instead of ViviEn Leigh. Shame on you Georgian Terrace! My stay at the hotel was memorable and I enjoyed wandering around the lobby snapping photos. Up next, Marietta! Check back tomorrow!

I stayed at the Georgian Terrace Hotel for $139 per night.
This is the site of the 1939 Press Reception for GWTW

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