Sunset Front Row Seats

One of my favorite things about our current house is the view from the kitchen window. The back of our house faces west, and the kitchen window above the sink also faces this direction. Over the past 4 years I’ve seen (and photographed) many pretty sunsets. When the trees lose all their leaves, the view gets even better as then the view stretches for miles and miles and miles. Anyway, here’s the dramatic sunset from 4 nights ago.. it was a beautiful burnt orange (looks pink in the pics) and deep purple! Who knew dish washing could be so beautiful?! You know what could per-fect this gorgeous view– a new, beautiful sink faucet. Fellow blogger Centsational Girl is currently running a Kitchen/Bathroom faucet Contest and the winner receives a new PricePfister faucet for their home. Cross your fingers I win! I want the Ashfield one!

no photoshop help needed!

no photoshop help needed!


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