Apron Madness!

Nick’s 12 hour work days are becoming habit these days so I’ve been trying to learn how to entertain an only child / toddler / active boy during the meal making process. Coloring books, playdough, and water color painting only lasts so long before Xander is underfoot whining for my attention. Since I prefer to make a healthy home cooked meal instead of relying on take out or frozen meals, I need at least 30 minutes in the kitchen to cook. So as of recently, I’ve been involving him in the cooking process… teaching him new words, showing him what I’m doing, and instructing him on stove safety. He appears to enjoy it! He even drags in his bathroom step stool so he can be closer to the action! The only thing missing is an apron around his neck A.K.A “Mommy’s bib.” So, I sat down the other night and searched Etsy for some child-sized aprons for Xander. Etsy.com is a marketplace where people can sell their home-made stuff… there’s a ton of junk on there, but occasionally, with the right search, you can find some gems! I wish I had a sewing machine… or better yet, knew how to sew!!

How about this little dinosaur apron with matching hat from Etsy seller Key2Life?


Or this personalized rocket ship one fom Etsy seller tinygreenapples?


Or maybe this wipe-off smock style apron from Etsy seller Omydarlinkids?


Etsy also has a wonderful selection of fun, flirty aprons for women too! I love this one from Etsy seller Wonderlandavenue.


Or this colorful apron from Etsy seller MadameCulinaire!


Finally, check out this pink flirty apron from Etsy seller momomadeit! Gotta love the wine bottle and cocktail glass in the pic! Do you think it comes with the apron?!!



2 thoughts on “Apron Madness!

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