Deer at the park

Xander and I went to Powder Valley Conservation Park in St. Louis yesterday on a whim. Xander loves looking at animals, and this park has a lovely informative nature center with live bees, birds, frogs, fish etc. to look at. But, on the way into the park we spotted 3 deer near the road munching on some grass! We sat in front of them for a long time watching them eat lunch! To say the least, “deer” is Xander’s latest favorite word!!

camera phone photo

camera phone photo


2 thoughts on “Deer at the park

  1. I love Powder Valley, great choice for animal watching and activities! Do not go to Forest 44 Conservation off 141 and 44 by the horse ranches, though. It is beautiful, but my fiance and I took our dogs and we got chiggers, and seed ticks, and gosh knows what else. We had to spray our house afterwards!!

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