NZ photos & such

Auckland skyline

Auckland skyline

I’ve finally added all my New Zealand photos to Flickr. If you’d like to view the album, then click here or type the following link into your favorite internet browser: I have a couple videos from the trip which I will add tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve calculated my NZ expense report. I spent much less on this trip than my solo trip to the Mediterranean in 2005. I was able to keep the overall price down by staying in hostels and eating some meals in (ie: breakfasts and 1 dinner). The overall experience wasn’t negatively impacted by these cost-cutting measures. In fact, it may have enhanced it! In conclusion, a vacation to New Zealand doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Flights: $500 (used some FF miles to keep this price down)

Accommodation: $244.33

  • Hostels: $167.79  (for 7 nights in New Zealand)
  • Hotel: $ 76.54 (for 1 night in South Korea)

Souvenirs (and a couple Twilight books): $264.47

Food: $195.32

Organized Tours: $163.70

Sightseeing, City Bus fares, Museums etc: $77.13

Unaccounted/miscellaneous: $60

Roundtrip coach bus to Rotorua, from Auckland: $23.70

Internet fees: $6

TOTAL: $1,534.65


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