A Successful Margarita Night

I often don’t have much to write about these days on the this lovely blog….sorry for the lack of posting. I’m gonna try and do better. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to NickandLeigh.com by email. You’ll receive a lovely email whenever I post something new. Click HERE to subscribe.  I just renewed the NickandLeigh URL for another year… I suppose my lack of posting has to do with (lack of) time and confusion over what topics to post about. Initially I created this blog to keep family and friends informed about my pregnancy. Then it turned into a Xander blog… but I also like to blog about my other interests, like traveling, cooking, photography, interior design, and Vivien Leigh. It’s an exciting Gone with the Wind year, for example. I’ll be attending the 70th anniversary of the film in November  in Atlanta and will finally get to meet some of the surviving cast members! They’ve been supportive of me and my site so it’ll be wonderful to finally meet them in person! Anyway, I digress… I suppose I’ll just write. If a topic doesn’t interest you, then skip it. But, I hope you’ll enjoy another year of all things Mills.

So… back to my favorite night of the month: the infamous Mills Margarita Night! If you’ve never attended one… please invite yourself! By the way, I didn’t gain any weight on my recent vacation to Florida. And my diet consisted merely of margaritas and french fries!  Screw the Atkins diet!!! And the gym! Anyway, we had some friends over for our monthly celebration of Mexican cuisine and tequila cocktails.

You know you’ve had a successful Mills Margarita Night when…

you see this

you see this

and you can build this amazing tower!!


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