The Mills do Rib Fest

Over the holiday weekend the Mills headed downtown to feast at the 2009 Rib America Festival. As usual, we opted to arrive before 1pm to enjoy free admission to the event. I believe that is critical because feasting on finger-licking good ribs ain’t cheap… especially at this festival (full slab was $30!). As we approached the festival the sweet smell of grilling got our hungry pains singing! This year’s event featured approximately 10 award-winning rib teams from all over the United States… we ended up choosing a Texas based team for our meal. We walked by every tent, looking at their menu and their ribs cooking on the grills. Choosing a tent wasn’t easy! But, in the end, I ordered a half slab of ribs and Nick selected a sampler meal of ribs, pulled pork, beans, and Texas toast. YUM! The festival also boasted a main stage for bands and a variety of game tents. There was a cute little kids game tent where EVERYONE is a winner. Basically, Xander just had to pick up a duck out of a pool of moving ducks. So, he won! And won and won. He selected a huge blowup St. Louis Cardinals bat as his prize. He made all passingby children very jealous. 🙂


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