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in Key West on a sunset cruise

in Key West on a sunset cruise

We’re back from our vacation to Florida– it was a wonderful trip! It was a jam-packed 11 days, but it was well worth it all. We started our in Orlando in order to see my family and to attend a friend’s wedding. Then we headed south to Largo to visit with Nick’s parents and our old college buddies. It’s so fun to see how our children get along just as well as we do. Then, Nick and I left Xander in the tender loving care of his parents and headed further south to the Florida Keys. Big thanks to our friend Jovan for driving us in his truck– it’s a 8 hour drive, one way. We stayed in downtown Key West at the Banyan Hotel (a true gem! Stay here if you ever visit Key West) and were literally one block away from the nightlife of Duval Street. We met up with some other friends during this little kid free weekend and had an awesome time. It was a bit hot, but we kept cool inside the bars. Hehe! After 3 nights away from Xander, we headed back up to Largo and found him spoiled rotten! Thanks again Peter & Barbara!! So, here we are, back in St. Louis and ready for a long, hot summer. We’ve nearly depleted Nick’s 5 week vacation allowance… so Hotel Mills is currently accepting reservations!

View Photos from our trip here:


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