New Xander videos

Sorry I haven’t updated in a long time… having a 2 year old means there is little ‘down’ time. And during that ‘down’ time, I haven’t managed to find time to update this blog.  But anyway, here’s a couple new videos for you.

VIDEO 1: This was shot about a month ago. Xander is learning so fast; he’s a sponge for information. He can identify his numbers, alphabet, and colors. This video shows him IDing his numbers (but he mixes up the 6 and 9 and the 1 and 7). I know it’s just memorization but it’s crazy to think my 2 year old can ID his numbers and alphabet but some Kindergartners I use to teach couldn’t tell me what an M or 3 was.

VIDEO 2: This is from yesterday. Xander likes to (pretend to) play the WII. Nick helps him out, and I cheer. And then Nick nearly breaks it. 🙂


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