My son is prone to accidents!

Some kids never get hurt. They never get stitches. They never go to the ER. They never get sick. They never have an accident! My son is NOT one of those kids. He has to be watched extra carefully because accidents are bound to happen. Xander is crazy and has no fear! 🙂

His latest accident occurred on Sunday at the local grocery store. He got out of the shopping cart car and took off running to the automatic doors near the entrance. He zoomed out an open door (the entrance rather than the exit, mind you) and tripped. The automatic swing door then proceeded to close on him, but his feet stopped it from shutting all the way. He began to cry instantly. I noticed a little blood on his lip and assumed he had bit his lip. It wasn’t until I was strapping him into his carseat that I realized he had infact chipped his 2 front teeth!! The bottoms of the 2 teeth now had a small half moon piece missing.

So today we had an appointment with a local pediatric dentist. The experience was very painless and Xander cooperated. The dentist filed down the 2 teeth and now Xander doesn’t look like a vampire. In fact, his teeth look perfect! Better than before! I was amazed how well he stayed still during the procedure. The dentist doesn’t think the core of the tooth was injured so that’s good news. We’ll have to observe them to ensure they don’t change colors (indicating internal bleeding in the tooth). We also learned that our family dentist is dead wrong about Xander not needing teeth cleaning until he’s 3 or 4 years old. A pediatric dentist recommends a child be seen 6 months after his/her 1st tooth comes in. Whoops! So, Xander has his first teeth cleaning scheduled in June.

Let’s hope Xander stays accident-free for a few months or longer!!!


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