Xander is 2 years old!

On March 8, Xander turned 2 years old! Hard to believe. Where has all the time gone? This past weekend my parents came into town to help celebrate Xander’s big day. Unforunately, he woke up Friday morning with a cold and mild fever. On Saturday he developed a raspy cough. In short, it’s a good thing I did plan a big birthday party because I would have canceled it. However, my parents (and Xander) were good sports. We still did cake and ice cream and we still went to the zoo. Overall I think Xander had a wonderful time this past weekend– mainly because he was drugged up on Tylenol! I’m attempting to be a “recessionista” so instead of paying the local grocery store $30 to make a nice cake for my son, my mom and I made an $11 home-made Elmo cake. It turned out wonderfully and tasted even better! Gift-wise, Xander received a ton of new toys and gadgets. He now has a beautiful new swing/jungle jim in the yard, new books, various noise-making toys, a shopping cart, a guitar, and a new chalk wall in the basement painted by me. He’s one spoiled little boy. Thank you to both sets of grandparents for the amazing presents! He loves them and you!


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