Update from Asia

I spent the night last night in South Korea and now I’m sittng at a wonderful FREE Internet lounge at the airport. They offer free laptops and internet usage for 30 minutes. Amazing! My iPod died long ago so I’m thrilled that I can finally charge it back up. I have a 13 hour flight ahead of me. Then I’ll finally be on US soil again. Then I have a long layover in Chicago (cross your fingers that I can get on an earlier flight) before the short 45 minute flight to St. Louis.  I’ve managed to pass by the time on the airplane fairly well. So far I’ve read 2 600 page books from the Twilight series, 30o pages of a Vivien Leigh biography, and watched 4 full length films. Luckily, my next flight has personal entertainment screens embedded in the seat in front of me (unlike my last flight which only had a big projection screen 10 rows in front of me… and only showed 2 films the entire flight. One Korean and one English). The airplane food isn’t good. I get 2 meals on board each leg. From New Zealand to South Korea I had lunch and dinner. They offer a Korean style meal or an American style meal. The American meal was beef and potatoes (yuck! I had that on the way over) or Korean style (Bimibop- rice, some sort of mysterious veggies that you mix with chili paste and sesame oil). I opted for Korean. It comes with fruit, tea, and a small shot of wine. For dinner I got a horrible mix of thin noodles and vegetables. Luckily it came with a roll, fruit, and dessert. Throughout the flight, water and juice is offered. And the typical quarter-sized bag of peanuts. This is my second Pacific journey… my first was in 2000 when I went to Tokyo. I flew Business class then. In conclusion, if you can afford it… avoid Coach. It sucks. You’ll be cramped, sore, and hungry after your 12+ hour flight.


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