Hiya again from NZ!

Hi all! Here’s another quick update from New Zealand. Things are wonderful here (though I do miss Nick & Xander terribly). The weather has been lovely (60s and 70s, sunny) and the adventures haven’t stopped yet. Yesterday we went cave tramping and tubing in Waitomo and saw the amazing glowworms. I even got to jump backwards down a couple waterfalls, deep in the cave systems of Waitomo. The water was freezing and I could see my breath in the caves. My thumbs and hands were numb and barely functional after the 3 hour excursion. We had wet suits and jackets and booties, but nothing protecting our hands. Then today, we did things around town (I’m in Rotorua). We went up a Skyline and did a luge ride. Afterwards we went Zorbing (a huge plastic ball is full of water and then pushed down a hill. You spin all around and get quite bumped around). It was AWESOME! Tomorrow in the early AM we head back to Auckland for some more NZ adventures. All is well, and I’m having a ton of fun with Rebecca. Love and miss you all! 🙂


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