I can handle this

Being a stay home dad is not so hard. So what if Xander put the car in Drive and hit the garage…so Xander finished his first Budweiser without Me looking….so I fell a sleep and woke up with Xander sipping Cognac, smoking cigar and watching Cinemax… its not like we stayed up all night and ate pizza… oh ya we did. This Mr. Mom thing is like riding a bike. Thanks everyone for tuning in! See you next blog…… Everyone except for Leigh stop reading now…………………….Please come home Leigh, I need your help. I know people think being a stay at home mom is not too bad, but they’re crazy. I’ll never go out drinking again, I promise to stay home every night. Massages, cook you dinner, change dirty diapers, you name it.


2 thoughts on “I can handle this

  1. Hey Nick , sounds like your having a ball.
    Get the web cam set up, I’m sure you would get more viewers than all those big brother shows.
    Love to all up there from all us down here. XXXX

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