Update from New Zealand

Hi everyone. I made it! I’m here, finally, in New Zealand. I arrived yesterday morning very tired and very scary looking. I didn’t sleep a wink on my 3 flights so in all, I stayed awake for nearly 48 hours. My last flight was delayed so I nearly missed my bus in NZ! Luckily, after running up a huge hill to the bus stop in Auckland, I met up with my gal pal Rebecca and boarded the bus just in time. We are now in Rotorua, New Zealand. Last night we explored the little town and had some yummy Latin food and sangria (the perfect thing to completely knock me out). At 11pm, I finally passed out. I slept like a rock and feel really good today. Even though the time difference here is 15 hours, I already think I’ve adjusted. Today we went on a tour to a geothermal park and watched a geyser erupt! Tonight we’ll probably  do some more exploring and perhaps visit the local spa to soak in some of their ‘pools.’ Sounds like Nick is doing well with Xander… my in laws arrive tonight in Saint Louis to visit for the week and lend a helping hand. I made a little video of myself reading a book before I left the USA so Xander could ‘watch’ me in his absence. Apparently he likes it. Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m paying for internet by the minute so I gotta run!


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