My purse is as big as my suitcase?!

I finished packing for my New Zealand trip last night. On this 11 day trip I am conducting some travel experiments. First, I am staying in hostels for the first time in my traveling career. Second, I am packing light. I am NOT checking luggage. Okay, I plan to check luggage on the way home to the USA because I have every intention of buying many, many souvenirs. But, the last thing I want is lost luggage on the way TO New Zealand. Plus, it’s  convenient to have a 20 pound suitcase versus a 50 pound suitcase. I packed a large, empty duffel bag in my suitcase, though, for my souvenirs. Besides my small 18 pound suitcase (yes I weighed it), I have a backpack. That’s it. When I put my purse (I’m packing that in my backpack) next to my suitcase I realized how tiny the suitcase really is. Am I crazy to only pack 5 shirts, 3 socks, 3 pants, 6 pieces of undewear and a ton of laundry detergent? Maybe….


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