a Freakish Halloween

Nicks pumpkin. I love the ear hole!

Nick's pumpkin. I love the ear hole!

Halloween has come and gone. Overall, it was fun (especially for Nick who is the Clark Griswold of Halloween decorating) but it did include a freakish accident. Xander climbed out of the crib. Well, actually he FELL out of his crib. Head first. I, luckily, was in the next room and heard the bang and the immediate wail. I knew instantly what had happened. The whole incident freaked us out but we’ve taken extra precautions so it won’t happen again. Xander has a horrible, raised bruise on his forehead to remind us that stuffed animals and bumpers in the crib are a no-no. After that, things got better. Nick wrapped yellow CAUTION tape all around our house and cars. He downloaded Halloween songs to play on our portable stereo. And he had a blacklight and strobe light pointed at our house. Oh, and he dressed up in a gorilla costume. <sigh> Xander, on the other hand, refused to wear part of his cowboy costume– the boots and the hat. So he just wore jeans and a flannel shirt. We did manage to snap a couple photos of him in the complete get-up before he ripped off the hat and whined about the boots. He enjoyed wandering around in the dark and seeing all the kids dressed up (though he didn’t like it when kids wore masks. He cried.). Later, we went to a neighbors house to have a few Buds and watch the children play. I hope everyone else had a happy Halloween, too!

Hes a cowboy! YeeeeeHaw!

He's a cowboy! YeeeeeHaw!

Xanders boo boo

Xander's boo boo

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


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