On to the next costume idea…

I wanted Xander to be a monkey for Halloween. He is a monkey after all… loves to climb, loves bananas etc. Old Navy had an adorable monkey costume (complete with a banana hanging out of the pocket) in stores so I traveled to 3 Old Navy stores trying to find the correct size. Sold out, sold out, sold out. I ended up buying it online and paid 8 dollars in shipping fees. It was worth it, right? NOT! Xander hated the silly thing… he cried and ripped it off each time I attempted to dress him in it for pictures. So I returned it. And I had to get creative. What can Xander wear that looks like a costume but doesn’t feel like one? Hmmmm…

TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!!

TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!!


One thought on “On to the next costume idea…

  1. This picture is hilarious!!! Chase has the same costume 🙂 Luckily. . . he’s too young to know any better! Hope you guys have a great Halloween! Hope to see you soon.

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