Busy rest of the month

The leaves are turning (mostly yellows so far, still waiting for the orange and reds!) and the temperatures are cooling off (only highs in the 60s) so perhaps that’s why I’m in the mood for change. Ask anyone from my childhood and they will confirm that I had a tendency to rearrange my bedroom furniture at an alarming rate. I like change. So yesterday I rearranged Xander’s furniture and I love it! FYI: it’s only the 4th time in 19 months. And today I’ve begun the process of changing servers for my Vivien Leigh website. For the past 9.5 years it’s been hosted by Yahoo. Sadly, Yahoo is behind the times and lacks the utilities and functions I now need. I was amazed when I browsed other servers available. Their help forums, control panel tools etc are so amazing compared to out-of-date Yahoo Webhosting. I’m sad to end my long history with Yahoo, but it’s time for change. I feel it in my bones. My site is up for renewal Nov 1st so I’ve begun the long, dreaded process of backing up every single file on my site. I have multiple databases that need backup as well. In addition, I’ll be learning some new things since I need to make a ‘dump’ of my  of mysql processes, change nameservers for my domain, etc. My domain name vivien-leigh.com will still be under Yahoo but the new server HostGator (I’m a gator at heart) will be the home to my site and files. I’m a bit nervous something will mess up and I’ll lose a portion of my site… but I’m backing up an entire copy of EVERYTHING on my home computer so that shouldn’t happen, right?  Anyway, I have a couple weeks to complete the transfer. Wish me luck as I’d hate to lose nearly 10 years of work! Also, I just checked and my Vivien Leigh site has had 950,000 hits since March 15th! Hope to reach 1 million by the end of 2008! The rest of the month is also busy… childhood pal Alicia is coming into town this weekend for a wedding so he’ll FINALLY get to meet Xander. And then our friends Mark & Meghan are flying in from Canada the following weekend. The annual Apple Butter Festival is coming up and a big, important GATOR game Halloween weekend. Oh, and Halloween. We got Xander’s costume in the mail yesterday and Xander cried when I put it on him. Uh oh. We’ll see if I can put it on him, tear-free and snap a photo or two for our e-card that I’ll design and email to everyone on Oct. 31st. Send me your email at leighuf @ gmail.com if you don’t think I have your email. Oh, and we’ll be in Florida in 3 weeks!!


One thought on “Busy rest of the month

  1. Nothing to do with your post either ;)…but good luck with switching servers.

    I am so excited about the Marietta thing that I”m not sure what I’m more excited about; my wedding or THAT!!! I’m pinky swearing back for our reunion next year! Maybe by then I will have finished “Rhett Butler’s People.” I think my hubby-to-be wants to tag along. Yay!!

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