A Fall Day

Mommy & Xander at Eckert Farm

Mommy & Xander at Eckert Farm

Saturday we went to a Eckert farm in Illinois to pick out a Xander-sized pumpkin and  to enjoy the farm activities, like the petting zoo, pig race, funnel cakes, and pumpkin picking. We actually didn’t go out to the pumpkin or apple orchards (which depart via John Deere wagon every 15 minutes) but we did enjoy everything else at the fun farm. This year, Xander was able to partake in more activities than last year. And he didn’t cry during the pumpkin canon! He liked playing with the gravel rocks and petting the sheep (which he talked to by saying “BAAAA!”). He giggled when they ate food from his hand, and loved petting their heads quite hard (like he does to our dog Kali). We took our wagon to the farm and Xander loved pushing it around (a fellow farm-goer loved the “2 Fast for You” license plate that hangs from the back). He sat comfortably during the corn field maze and wanted to chase the loose doggie that roamed the farm. Xander’s favorite word is still ‘doggie.’ He calls for our dog constantly. If I put her out back to run around our back yard, he’ll yell at the back door .. ‘doggie, doggie!!!’ Anyway… our early October weekend was a fun-filled and adventurous family-affair.

feeding the sheep

feeding the sheep

exploring the corn maze

exploring the corn maze


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