A Fun-Filled Day at Six Flags

playing on the bridge

On Sunday, our little family of 3 went to Six Flags for Anheuser Busch’s annual Family Day event. AB rented the park for all employees and their families, handed out 20 dollars per person to spend on food, games, or merchandise, and provided endless kegs of beer throughout the park. Pretty sweet. So, Nick and I packed a day bag and off we went for a fun-filled day. We arrived right at opening and we didn’t leave until the park closed at 5:30pm. Since we met up with some friends, Nick and I were able to ride some roller coasters. We simply took turns watching Xander. The park itself is very kid-friendly and Xander didn’t have a lack of things to do. He really loved the three tiered park-jungle-gym with its slides, bridges and chimes. He also enjoyed the fountains in Bugs Bunny Land. For lunch, he dined on good-old Six Flags chicken Fingers and fries. Nick and I used his bottomless PowerAid sippy cup for ourselves, though. Haha. It was a pretty hot day (around 84 degrees) with no clouds and an adundance of sunshine. Thankfully no one came home burned. But we did all come home tired (Xander only napped for an hour in the stroller), stinky, and sore (Nick was foolish and wore flip flops). In the end, we did a U-turn in the parking lot and went back for season passes for 2009.

playing with the fountains

playing with the fountains


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