First big boy haircut

Today Xander had his first big boy haircut at the local Great Clips. In the past, Daddy & Mommy trimmed his hair but didn’t do a very good job. So we let his hair grow out a bit (to hide our errors) before we sheepishly brought him to a professional. Okay, she was like 20 years old (seriously, we asked!) but still! Xander sat so still and was so patient during the 10 minute process. I was shocked! The end result is quite good so it was well worth the 12 bucks we paid. Here’s a short video documenting the event (and documenting that my son CAN sit still).


3 thoughts on “First big boy haircut

  1. great great great clip. ha! he looks fab, credit to you both. dont knock the home d.i.y haircuts they happen on a regular basis here, hence luis’ basin look.
    excellent web site may i say.
    take care jaron and luis

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