Busy, busy…

Whew… it’s been a busy summer. We’ve had a vacation to Florida, a 5k race, out-of-towners, parties, get-togethers at our house, volleyball tournaments, projects, work functions, and unexpected doctor visit… I seriously don’t think we’ve had an entire weekend at home alone with nothing to do since early April! I love staying busy so I am not complaining. I just fear winter when I know everything will slow down. Or will it?

I think things have gotten busier as we’ve become more adjusted to Saint Louis. We’re actually planting roots here. To refresh the memories of those you who don’t remember or those of you who don’t know, Nick and I move a lot. We lived in Jacksonville, FL for 28 months (at 2 different addresses) and New Hampshire for 20 months. This month we’ve officially lived in Saint Louis for 3 year years (36 months)! That’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere since my home in Orlando (1st grade through high school). There was a point in my life when I could go anywhere (the grocery store, blockbuster, Disney World, the movies) and I would inevitably see SOMEONE I knew. Anyway. Ok yes, I lived in Gainesville for 4 years during college but I had 4 different addresses there. So it doesn’t count. We’ve become friends with our neighbors here… I mean, you KNOW you’re friends with the neighbors when they go out of their way to pick you up at a bar and drive you 15 miles to another bar. (Yea, we’re cheap and didn’t want to call a taxi. So who do you call? THE NEIGHBOR!) We’ve also become friends with Nick’s work associates like we do in every town we’ve lived in. Except this time, we’re staying. I guess that’s the problem with moving a lot (and moving out of state): you make friends and then leave them.  The friendship doesn’t have roots so you make them, then loose them for the most part. There are exceptions, though. In addition, we look forward to annual things here in Saint Louis like February’s Mardi Gras or Bud’s Family Day, Gator Club’s 1st Game of Football, October’s Apple Butter Festival, Pumpkin Picking at Eckert’s, etc.

So, in short… we’re loving life here in the Midwest. It’s nice to plant roots again, especially now that we have Xander in our lives. I wouldn’t mind if we stayed here for many more years. And FYI, there are many weekends in September and only a couple in October that are open and free. I do believe there are a handful of readers out there who’ve never made a trip out to the Gateway City yet!

hint, hint! 🙂


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