First big boo-boo!

I’ve never had stitches but my 16 month old son has! That’s right, poor little Xander now has the coolest accessory on the block: 3 blue stitches in his eyebrow. Yesterday evening he was running after me in his room when he slipped on a book and hit his face on the corner of the rocking chair’s ottoman. At first I told him to shake it off, but then I noticed the blood. He had a wide cut across his eyebrow that was oozing blood. The blood quickly clotted and Xander resumed playing but the cut wasn’t closed. It was about 1/8 – 1/4 inch wide and nearly 3/4 inch in length. The on-call doctor never called me back (later discovered the answering service associated with our doctor’s office had a problem that night) so Nick and I did an Internet search! Thank God for google! To help prevent infection and minimize scarring, google search results recommended we go to the hospital. So, we did.  We had no wait at all. We were ushered right into a room. The nurse put 3 applications of a numbing agent on the wound before sticking a needle into his head to numb the area. The nurse used a pillowcase to restrain Xander– they put his arms behind his back and into the pillow case. Then they laid him on his back. One nurse held Xander down while the Nurse Practitioner stitched him up.  Xander wailed when the needle went in, but immediately stopped once the needle was out. It was amusing to watch Xander has the nurse sutured him up because Xander kept making funny crossed-eyed faces in an attempt to see what was going on by his eyebrow. On Monday, the stitches will be removed by Dr. Daly-Wilson so until then, Xander is one tough-looking-dude!


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