The 2008 Sunflower Competition

I love growing sunflowers. Last year, though, my late planting resulted in poor looking sunflowers stalks. The one that survived only grew 3 feet tall and never bloomed. My friend Meghan, on the other hand, grew a monster in her front yard. I’ve never seen such a tall sunflower! It was beautiful! So, I decided that this year I would properly plant seeds this spring and hope to grow one taller than hers. Thus, the 2008 Sunflower Competition was born. The winner gets a good bottle of wine from the other. Then, Rob, a fellow Canadian friend, also joined in. Well, today my first sunflower bloomed! I have 6 more stalks growing tall but I fear I haven’t babied them enough with Miracle Grow. I didn’t measure it, but I’m 5’7″ tall so it looks like I might be buying that wine…

My first sunflower blooms... not as tall as Meghans.

My first sunflower blooms... not as tall as Meghan's.

Meghans monster sunflower from 2007

Meghan's monster sunflower from 2007


One thought on “The 2008 Sunflower Competition

  1. I love that you guys made a competition out of this! I have to steal your idea and try that out next year. Gorgeous flower regardless! I’m actually trying to grow a sunflower right now, but have no idea what I’m doing. I planted mine a month ago. It is like knee high right now and no flower. I had no idea there was such a science to it. Well now I know for next year! Thanks for sharing. You are so clever Leigh. Your ideas inspire me all the time. 🙂

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