15 months!

Hard to believe, but, Xander is 15 months old now! Today he had his checkup with his doctor and everything went smoothly… well, until he had to have 3 shots in the thigh. He didn’t like that. And he REALLY won’t like it when I take him to get his blood drawn this afternoon. He weighed in just over 23lbs (30th percentile) and measured 32.5 inches (90th percentile) so he’s still my tall skinny mini! He’s right on target developmentally and looks healthy so the Doc gave us 2 thumbs up. On our trip to Florida he said two new words: ‘yum’ and ‘done.’ He’s been signing ‘done’ since January, but now he says it too. He recently learned to shake his head ‘yes’…. shaking his head ‘no’ was learned looooong ago.  🙂 Xander continues to love the water. In Florida he enjoyed Memaw & Papaw’s pool, the blowup pool at Nana and Grandpa’s, the kiddie pool at Hamlin’s Landing, and the rolling waves at Indian Rocks Beach. He likes water on his head and sticking his head in the water. He has zero water fear. He mastered turning the door handles at Memaw and Papaw’s but luckily still hasn’t figured it out here in Saint Louis! He’s such a copycat, too. If he sees me do something once, he’ll immediately imitate me. For instance, he saw me remove the vent in the dryer to clean off the lint and he immediately went over and removed it right after I replaced it. Or, he watched how Memaw opened the pantry closet door and suddenly he was opening it soon after trying it get out the can goods. New dangers lurk everywhere! He’s likes climbing onto the couch, trying to to walk upstairs, or running down the driveway. He’s always looking for me to turn away so he can walk into the road. Ah, the joy of having a toddler. 🙂

Photos from our FL trip can be viewed on Flickr by clicking HERE.

What’s on my Head?!!

Xander in the pool

Xander, Me, and baby Slator at the kiddie pool



Daddy & Xander in the big pool

big pool


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