Gas Prices!

I filled up Nick’s car (aka the car I drive during the work week) this weekend and the grand total for a full tank of gas? 83 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s crazy! What happened to the good old days of 99 cents per gallon?? [okay, it was only at that one gas station just over the FL-GA border and it was the 1990s. Geez, I’m old] Anyway, thank goodness Nick drives my car the 15 odd miles to work each morning. We save a bundle on gas that way. My little car doesn’t get the best gas mileage (blame that throaty V8 engine) but it definitely gets better mileage than the gas-guzzling Tahoe SUV-monster. So, can anyone out there beat my 83 dollar fill-up? I don’t think it’s a contest anyone wants to beat.


3 thoughts on “Gas Prices!

  1. With much regret, I must say That I have beaten the $83 mark. Deisel is $4.21 per gallon here, and with a 26 gallon fuel tank, the grand total runs just under $110. I win….I mean I lose…Oh I don’t know….

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