Last night at 4:37am Nick and I awoke to the sound of our beside table lamps rattling. “Is it the wind?” Nick asked me. Yes, we had had 50 mph gusts of wind the day before and our window was now open, but I quickly replied “Uh, the wind wouldn’t shake our bed.” As we sat there listening to the lamps rattle, our bed was trembling too. I told Nick, “I think it’s an earthquake.” The shaking and rattling soon stopped and we went back to bed. We later discovered it was a 5.2 earthquake.  The last STL earthquake was in 1968, and it was a record quake of 5.4. There’s been some small, minor damange reported in the area but otherwise it was like nothing had happened! This morning there was a 4.5 aftershock but I was running errands in the car and didn’t feel it. Crazy, though. A Midwest earthquake isn’t too common.


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