The Great Flood of 2008

Tomorrow afternoon the Meramec river will crest at a record high level. Fenton, Missouri, featured on MSNBC and the Today show this morning, is Saint Louis’s hardest hit area. Many homes, businesses, and roads are already underwater in this small town, located about 15 minutes from our house. The Mississippi river has expanded and is now covering a couple roads in downtown Saint Louis near the arch. This flooding is the result of a huge storm that hit our area earlier in the week. We had nonstop rain for over 30 hours. Our backyard is the perfect setting for a female mud wrestling match. Luckily, though, we do not live in a flood zone so our house is not threatened by the swelling rivers. However, we do live very, very close to the Mississippi and the Meramec (the river affected the most from this recent storm).  Nick had to find an alternate way home from work because of flooded roads. Tomorrow is D-day so my thoughts and prayers are with the residents of Fenton. Luckily, we are okay. The picture below, made by Nick, shows our house  in relation to nearby affected rivers.

our house


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