a walking start

Tonight, out of the blue, Xander started taking small independent walking steps. Of course the first time he did it, I wasn’t in the room. Good ol’ Nicko got to see the ‘first’ steps. Xander loves holding onto my fingers for support and walking around the family room, but he doesn’t have the balance needed to walk unassisted. Or, so I thought. We got him to do it on camera but he quickly got tired and gave up. The video is kinda dark and isn’t exactly shot from the best angle but you will get the idea. Practice makes perfect, so we’ll be practicing all day tomorrow I’m sure! We’re so proud of our little man! 🙂

Please ignore my annoying voice… I was trying to get him to walk, sheesh!



3 thoughts on “a walking start

  1. So Awesome!!! I’m so happy for you guys. Good for Xander! Kanan is close, he can push his push toy, and is cruising the couch, but that is it. Awwww!! I’m so proud of him too!

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