Video of the day

Xander learned a new trick today. Watch our clapping fool below! 



2 thoughts on “Video of the day

  1. Ha! Well I haven’t been going to work lately so I had all day to surf the ‘net and catch up on your Blog! I’m gonna go ahead and comment on a couple things… FIRST of all ‘Memories of India’ is my restaurant, so give credit where it’s due. Also, your pumpkin was awesome… and finally, if you’re paying your babysitters $45 for a night of just sitting around with a sleeping baby… SIGN ME UP. I was wondering what I’d do when I get out… guess I found it. Haha, anyways.. I’ll be swinging through there on the 15th of April if that’s alright with you guys. It’s about 800 miles and I’ll have the truck but I think I’ll make that in a day. Can’t wait to meet Xander and see you guys again! ‘Lemme know if that date’s good with you.

    P.S. – Notice I didn’t set a date for me leaving. I have 52 days vacation so you may have to kick me out.

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