Belated Merry Christmas to all!

our xmas treeI sincerely hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! If we didn’t speak to you on the 25th, we send love and good wishes your way! It’s hard to believe the holiday has come and gone. Of course, our Christmas tree still stands, shining brightly, and our house still smells like cinnamon and sugar cookies. Tis the season ain’t over yet. 🙂

We did not have a white Christmas, instead we had beautiful indigo skies and warmish temperatures (40-50 degrees). Xander was in a fabulous mood and seemed to know what was in store for him. Lots and lots of toys. Yes, 90% of the presents under our fake Christmas tree were addressed to the little rugrat. Thanks to everyone for the goodies! To name a few things Xander got for Christmas… clothes, bath toys (he loves his rubber duckie), stackers, a truck, drums, Welcome Home doorway (he can sit for 30 minutes playing with the door or window or doorbell), Leapfrog music table, an awesome Radio Flyer wagon (Xander squeals with delight when we push it backwards), books, and so much more. It’s crazy. He absolutely loves everything and it’s been a treat to watch him play and experience new wonders! For instance, he loves the little balls that came with the Welcome Home toy. He chases the ball around, trying to grasp it in his little, fat hand. Then he crawls over to the Welcome Home toy and puts the ball back in its holder. Then he picks it back up and plays with it again on the carpet before returning it again to its holder. It’s a cycle he goes through and he entertains himself quite well!

The new year is just around the corner… hope everyone plays safe and counts down to 2008 in style!


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