Snowed in!

Saint Louis experienced a record snowfall on Friday and Saturday night. In fact, it was the 4th snowiest day on record for December. We’ve been lucky to escape the ice storms of the midwest and we have yet to lose electricity this winter. Thanks for all the emails and phone calls of concern. We’ve been spared. Well, until this weekend. The first snow of the season is here. And sadly it doesn’t look like it will stay for Christmas because the local weatherman says the temperatures will soar into the upper 40s this week. That means the beautiful white, wintry landscape I can see our my window will disappear in the next day or two leaving the barren, lifeless landscape us Missourians are accustomed to seeing in the winter. In total we saw nearly 6 inches fall and it resulted in our friends, who were invited to dinner Saturday night, staying the night. They were snowed in! A snowfall over 3 inches here in Saint Louis qualifies as ‘snowed in.’ Nick got to crank up the snow-blower, dust the spiderwebs off our shovels, and scrape ice off the windshields of our cars. It kinda reminded us of the good ol’ days of living in New Hampshire. Kali is in dog heaven and played outside for nearly an hour in the backyard Saturday morning. I put a little snow on Xander’s highchair tray and let him ‘play’ with the ice cold stuff. It quickly melted and he made some funny faces as his fingers squished through the it. He doesn’t own a snowsuit or boots, otherwise I would have plopped him in a front yard to discover the white stuff. 🙂


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