My (small) moment of fame

St Martin’s Press just released an email stating that they finally put photos from the Rhett Butler’s People worldwide book launch online in a slideshow format. For those of you that don’t know, I attended this event in early November because 1) I love Gone with the Wind  2) I had never been to Atlanta (besides landing there or just driving through) and 3) I wanted the opportunity to meet some of the Vivien Leigh fans from my yahoo group. Anway, I am surprised it took so long to get these pictures online (bad PR if you ask me), but I quickly went to the website to take a peek. Sadly, they’ve only chosen a small group of photos from the evening. However, I was able to pick myself out in one of the photos. In the photo I’m standing in line to have my book signed by Donald McCaig. I’m FAMOUS! …..okay, I’m delusional, I know. See below. Or, check out the website here.

I'm famous!


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