Teeth, cruising, and bruises… hello 9 month bday!

cry babyHappy 9 months to Xander! It’s been a fun-filled, active month for my little baby. He’s developmental on-track & still growing like a champ. And yep, he’s on the move. He’s been a crawler for over a month and he’s truly perfected it. Now, he’s moving on to other things. He loves standing and can pull himself to a standing position quite easily. Nick & I baby-proofed our family room — bye-bye coffee table, hello gates. Xander especially loves to pull himself up to a standing position so he can look out the window (I think he loves the feel of the cold window).

Xander has also figured out how to ‘cruise’ (shuffling his feet while holding onto furniture). Xander cruises around in his pack n play every morning while I shower and get dressed and he cruises along the side of the couch. He’s becoming increasingly confident on his feet and allows me to hold his hands above his head as he practices taking walking steps. He’s still far away from achieving the walking milestone, but we play this game anyway.

In other news, Xander FINALLY cut a tooth! His first tooth appeared on the 25th and his second tooth appeared this week. Overall, Xander hasn’t experienced the ‘teething’ woes I had read about. He’s been in a great mood! Well, until his appointment with Dr. Daly on Tuesday. Yep, we had to make a trip to the doctor’s office for his 9 month checkup and 3 shots. Our little baby has been blessed with fantastic health and we haven’t been to the Doctor’s since his 6 month checkup. I’m just waiting for his first, big illness… Anyway, Xander was a good baby for the nurses and doctor. Dr. Daly is pleased with his stats and commented that Xander’s ‘advanced’ in some categories. She gave me a handout on ‘head injuries’ that’s usually reserved for the 12 month checkup (yes, we’ve had our first big fall and black n blue bump on the forehead). We’ve been given the thumbs up to start finger foods and to start decreasing the amount of formula (following Xander’s lead of course). Xander wailed when the nurse stuck him with the needles but only cried for a short minute. I was amazed. Usually he cries for a loooong time. The nurse felt so bad (Xander had been so good and smiled at her throughout the appointment) that she got teary-eyed and gifted us a huge bottle of liquid Tylenol.

Oh, can you tell Xander didn’t like having his photo taken the other day?  

Here are Xander’s 9 month stats:

Weight: 20lbs, 3 ozs (50th percentile)

Height: 30.75 inches (97th percentile)


One thought on “Teeth, cruising, and bruises… hello 9 month bday!

  1. 2 teeth! Gah!! All gums still on our side of the country. My God, your son is long too. And I’m soooo impressed by his cruising. He is cruising way more than Kanan. Kanan will cruise a couple of steps before getting back down on the ground and crawling to the next place he wants to be. X is sooo cute!

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