Passport? check!

passport photoWe received Xander’s dandy little passport in the mail yesterday! Surprisingly it took less than 4 weeks for his application to process and passport be issued. His passport photo is absolutely adorable! This passport will expire in 5 years so in a couple years TSA agents will have to judge if the ‘baby’ in the photo is truly the passenger standing in the line waiting to pass through security. I wonder what stamps Xander will acquire in 5 years? Bermuda? Australia to visit his great-uncle, great-aunt, and second cousins? Maybe England or Italy? Nick did promise to take me to Portofino for an anniversary! We are traveling to Mexico, Grand Cayman and Jamaica in January but won’t get a stamp from those countries since we will be traveling by ship. I’m going to beg the port authority in Ft. Lauderdale to put a US stamp in his passport just for fun. I successfully got an Alaskan stamp from border control last September. Hmmm, I love dreaming about travel. It’s hard to believe that my infant son has a passport before the age of 1, especially since I didn’t get one until I was in high school!


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